About the Network


The mission of the IRCN-BC is to become an “engine” for generating new research collaborations and interdisciplinary cooperation, new ideas for research proposals, and new procedures for material archiving.


We strive to involve a world-wide group of researchers with a broad array of expertise, outlooks, and technical skills. We are fostering multidisciplinary research collaborations. We are helping conceive, develop, and promote new data-sharing strategies and enhanced standards for deposition of archival material.


Through our RCN, we are promoting an integrative approach to questions about biodiversity. We hope to become a model for other protist RCNs, ultimately creating a “grand network” for all groups interested in protistan biodiversity. Read more about it in the IRCN-BC Grant Proposal.

Current Network

Thus far, our network spans the United States, China, Argentina, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Egypt, Finland, Germany, India, Italy, Korea, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Ukraine, and the United Kingdom.

Collaborator Locations

Steering Committee

United States

John Clamp

Rebecca Zufall

Chris Lobban (Guam)


Weibo Song

Xiaofeng Lin

United Kingdom

Alan Warren


Laura Utz


Micah Dunthorn

See our People and Research tab for a list of all current IRCN-BC members.

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